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Mandarin Triangle Kush Weed Strain Review

Aka: Mandarin TK

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Mandarin Triangle Kush, the hybrid strain that has stoners raving worldwide!

Get ready for a front-row seat as we dive into the realm of this strain, so evenly balanced and bursting with fruity goodness that it’s like the cannabis equivalent of a perfectly baked lemon tart.

But this experience goes beyond mere taste – it’s a heady journey of relaxation and euphoria that will leave you in awe.

Hold on to your hats, folks! This ride with Mandarin Triangle Kush is going to be a juicy one.


Balanced Hybrid


50% Indica / 50% Sativa


Triangle Kush x Mandarin Sunset


20% – 27%


0.1% – 0.5%

Side Effects:

Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness


Fluffy popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes


Ethos Genetics

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 20 – 24 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 63 – 70 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Late October

User Reviews:

There are no user reviews yet.

Mandarin Triangle Kush Strain Genetics

Oh, what a tangled web of genetics we weave! Mandarin TK, as it is affectionately known, is an artisanal masterpiece.

A harmonious marriage of two incredible strains: Triangle Kush, the Floridian royalty of the OG Kush lineage, and Mandarin Sunset, the beautiful progeny of Herijuana and Orange Skunk.

This offspring is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% Indica/50% Sativa) that shows off the best of its parentage, delivering a one-two punch of invigorating effects and tantalizing flavors.

Bred by the celebrated breeders at Ethos Genetics, this is one cannabis strain that’s destined for the history books.


Imagine you’re bungee jumping.

The initial leap, the adrenaline rush, that’s the euphoria that hits you first.

Then, as you start to calm down, still suspended mid-air but no longer plummeting, that’s the deeply relaxing state this strain ushers in.

Mandarin TK is an expert at guiding you through a stimulating mental journey that leaves you relaxed but not couch-locked, sedated but not dozing off.

The effects are just right, the Goldilocks of highs, if you will.

This powerful strain boasts an average THC content of around 23-24%, making it a potent contender even in the most well-stocked cannabis dispensaries.

The high is a harmonious blend of the stimulating Sativa rush and the calming Indica serenity.

Whether it’s the end of a long day or the start of a chill weekend, Mandarin TK is here to set the mood just right.

Aroma and Flavor

Now, let’s talk flavors.

And oh boy, what a flavorful journey this is!

The Mandarin TK strain is a delight to the olfactory senses.

The moment you open that jar, a citrusy aroma, reminiscent of a zesty orange grove, fills the room.

As you light up, the fragrance deepens, introducing spicy, earthy undertones.

And what about flavor! The flavor is where Mandarin TK truly shines.

On the inhale, it’s like biting into a ripe mandarin, sweet, tangy, and utterly delicious.

Then comes the exhale, an earthy symphony tinged with the refreshing notes of pine and spice.

It’s like going on a hike through a pine forest, armed with nothing but a bag of citrus candies.

Who said you can’t have an adventure sitting on your couch?


The star of the show in this strain is undoubtedly THC, with levels averaging between 20-27%.

This is a strain for those who appreciate a potent, long-lasting high.

The CBD content, ranging from 0.1 to 0.5%, is fairly low, indicating that the strain’s effects are primarily psychoactive.

So buckle up, and get ready for a ride that takes you soaring.


Next up, the unsung heroes of the cannabis world – terpenes.

Mandarin TK boasts a delightful mix of MyrceneLimoneneCaryophyllene, and Pinene.

This ensemble of terpenes not only contributes to the strain’s delectable flavor and aroma profile but also potentially offers an array of therapeutic benefits.

It’s like having a personal orchestra of wellness at your disposal.

Helps With

Mandarin TK is akin to a superhero in the cannabis world, always ready to swoop in and save the day.

Whether you’re battling a stress monster or a daunting pain dragon, this strain might just be the sidekick you need.

For those who have had a rough day at work, this balanced hybrid could potentially act as a stress-reliever.

Its high THC level can induce a state of calm, helping you keep anxiety at bay.

A bowl of Mandarin TK might just replace that glass of wine as your go-to wind-down ritual.

Are you a brave knight dueling with chronic pain? With the potential analgesic properties of this strain, you’ve got a potent weapon on your side.

Users often report that Mandarin TK’s high THC content can alleviate pain, providing a respite from discomfort.

Suffering from insomnia and counting more sheep than you’d like to admit? The calming and slightly sedative effects of this strain could potentially help you get that elusive good night’s sleep.

Consider Mandarin TK your lullaby in plant form.

If the dragon you’re fighting is appetite loss, then Mandarin TK is here to tame it.

Known to stimulate the munchies, it could assist those who are struggling with a reduced appetite, be it from medical treatment side effects or general loss of appetite.

Remember to keep a snack stash nearby when you light up!

Do keep in mind that individual experiences with cannabis can vary, and while Mandarin TK might help some people with these conditions, it might not have the same effect on everyone.

It’s always best to start slow and see how the strain works for you.

Growing Info

Whoever said money can’t grow on trees didn’t know about the Mandarin Triangle Kush strain.

As a grower, if you’re up for a rewarding challenge and have a little garden space, then Mandarin TK could be your next green thumb project.

Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a newbie to the cannabis gardening scene, Mandarin TK has something to offer.

The plant is of medium size, making it manageable even if your garden is limited in space.

However, do not be fooled by its modest size.

This strain is the cannabis equivalent of Mary Poppins’ bag, yielding more than you’d expect from its size.

Indoors, Mandarin TK yields about 1.5-1.8 oz/ft².

Outdoors, this plant is a true Cinderella story, transforming into a bountiful princess that generously offers 20-24 oz/plant.

Yes, you heard it right.

Cinderella doesn’t need a fairy godmother; she needs some Mandarin TK seeds!

The strain has a flowering time of 9-10 weeks, which is a standard timeframe for cannabis plants.

This period is like the final act of a dramatic play, where the plant’s buds develop, and the plant reaches its THC potential.

Just remember to give your plants the TLC they deserve, and they’ll reward you with a bounty of minty green nugs adorned with bright orange hairs and a coating of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Mandarin Triangle Kush Strain Review

Similar Strains to Mandarin Triangle Kush Cannabis

If you’ve embarked on the Mandarin TK journey and are craving more adventures, you’re in luck.

The world of cannabis is vast and full of similar strains that can offer equally thrilling experiences.

Pack your bags because we’re about to embark on a strain tour!

  • Triangle Kush: We start our journey with the legendary parent itself, Triangle Kush. As a Floridian version of the famed OG Kush, this strain is like going back to the roots, literally and figuratively. It offers a similar relaxing and euphoric high, making it a great way to appreciate the lineage of Mandarin TK.
  • Queen Mandarin: Next stop, the royal courts of Queen Mandarin. If you enjoyed the citrus notes in Mandarin TK, this strain takes it up a notch. Queen Mandarin is known for a more pronounced citrus flavor, with the same uplifting high. It’s like Mandarin TK, but with an extra squeeze of mandarin.
  • Road Dawg: As we continue our journey, we stumble upon Road Dawg. A strain known for its unique flavor profile and relaxing effects, it’s like Mandarin TK’s edgier cousin. Road Dawg’s diesel and skunky flavors combined with its chill high make it a great pit-stop on this strain exploration.
  • Lemon Triangle Kush: When life gives you lemons, smoke Lemon Triangle Kush. A tangy twist to the classic Kush lineage, this strain offers a refreshing high that’s similar to Mandarin TK, but with a burst of lemon. It’s a great way to add a zesty twist to your cannabis adventure.
  • Black D.O.G.: Venturing further, we encounter Black D.O.G. Known for its berry and grape flavors, this strain introduces a fruity change of pace from the citrusy Mandarin TK. Its relaxing and euphoric high is akin to our hero strain, making it a sweet addition to this journey.
  • Triangle Mints aka Octagon Kush: Lastly, we reach Triangle Mints, also known as Octagon Kush. With a refreshing mint flavor and an uplifting high, it’s a cooler version of Mandarin TK. If you enjoyed the balanced high of Mandarin TK and are looking for a change in flavor, Triangle Mints is a refreshing option.

Six strains to continue your Mandarin TK journey.

Whether you stick to the family tree with Triangle Kush or branch out with Black D.O.G., these strains promise an exciting extension to your cannabis exploration.

StrainEffectsFlavorGenetic Information
Triangle KushCreativity, Focus, RelaxingCitrusy, Earthy, SpicyEmerald Triangle x Hindu Kush
Queen MandarinEuphoric, UpliftingCitrus, SweetUnknown
Road DawgRelaxing, UpliftingDiesel, SkunkyStardawg x Biker Kush
Lemon Triangle KushRelaxing, HappyCitrus, LemonUnknown
Black D.O.G.Relaxing, EuphoricBerry, GrapeBlackberry Kush x Emerald Headband
Triangle Mints aka Octagon KushRelaxing, UpliftingMint, PineTriangle Kush x Animal Mints

Well, folks, that’s a wrap on the marvelous Mandarin Triangle Kush strain.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious newbie, this strain promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

So sit back, light up, and let the magic of Mandarin TK take you on a journey that’s equally parts relaxing and exhilarating.