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Island OG Weed Strain Review

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Island OG is the go-to strain for both recreational and medicinal users seeking solace on a lush island of cannabis goodness.

Akin to a legendary treasure chest, this strain is a bountiful bounty of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavors, providing an experience that is simply unmatched.

All aboard the S.S. Pralla as we set sail on the high seas of cannabiculture towards this fabled strain.


Indica Dominant Hybrid


75% Indica / 25% Sativa


Legend OG x Orange Blossom Trail


17% – 20%


0.5% – 1%

Side Effects:

Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth, Headache


Medium sized, tapered, spade-like shape, more wispy than densely-packed

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1.3 – 2 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 22 – 28 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 56 – 70 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: October

User Reviews:

There are no user reviews yet.

Island OG Strain Genetics

Before we plunge into the psychedelic sea of Island OG, let’s explore the heritage of this treasure.

This strain is a proud offspring of the celebrated Legend OG and the enchanting Orange Blossom Trail.

Like a pirate’s cherished cutlass and trusty map, these parent strains lend their unique traits to Island OG, making it a paragon of the cannabis world.

With a lineage that speaks of legends and blossoms, Island OG is every bit as enticing as it sounds.


Wooosh… That’s the sound of Island OG sweeping you off your feet and transporting you to a paradisiacal island of relaxation and euphoria.

This indica-dominant hybrid (75% indica, 25% sativa) lures you in with a gentle cerebral buzz, followed by a deeply soothing body high.

The initial hit is akin to a treasure hunt, bringing about an energetic and productive mood that primes you for adventure.

But beware, or rather, be aware!

As the high progresses, the indica effects start dominating, enveloping you in a warm, relaxing body buzz.

The journey ends in a tranquil lagoon where you may find yourself anchored in a sea of calm, perhaps even drifting off to the realm of Morpheus.

Given its effects, Island OG is best suited for evenings when you can fully appreciate its soothing embrace.

Aroma and Flavor

Unleashing the Island OG is akin to unlocking a centuries-old treasure chest.

The first whiff hits you with a potent earthy aroma, interlaced with a tantalizing hint of sweet citrus.

Much like a sea breeze carrying the scent of far-off tropical islands, it stirs a sense of wonder and anticipation.

And then comes the flavor!

The smoke of Island OG dances on your palate, the mingling taste of earth, citrus, and sweet undertones teasing your taste buds.

Each puff is a hearty gulp of a tropical cocktail, where the distinct citrus flavor profile is sweetened by the natural sugars of cannabis.

The lingering aftertaste is an elegant blend of fuel and spice, a delicious reminder of the adventure you just embarked upon.


Even the bravest of pirates need a trusty sidekick, and in the world of cannabis, that’s where our beloved cannabinoids come in.

The Island OG boasts a THC content ranging from 17 to 20%, enough to send even the most seasoned stoners on a voyage to the moon.

Meanwhile, its CBD content, while modest (0.5 to 1%), adds a touch of balance to this psychoactive journey, acting like a calming sea in the midst of a THC storm.


The magic elixirs that give Island OG its mesmerizing aroma and taste are none other than the terpenes LimoneneCaryophylleneMyrcene, and Linalool.

These natural compounds, apart from serving an aromatic feast, come with an array of potential therapeutic benefits.

From the anxiety-relieving properties of limonene to the sedative effects of myrcene, the terpenes in Island OG transform this strain into a veritable treasure trove of wellness.

Helps With

Island OG is not just a treasure trove for recreational cannabis enthusiasts, it’s also a beacon of hope for those seeking relief from a range of ailments.

This strain is the cannabis equivalent of a tropical escape, offering therapeutic potential that is as alluring as its intoxicating high.

Firstly, Island OG may serve as an excellent antidote for stress and depression.

Its euphoric onset lifts your spirits, sweeping you away on a current of positivity and relaxed vibes.

Imagine lying in a hammock on a serene island, the stressors of the world far away – that’s the mental tranquility Island OG might provide.

When it comes to anxiety, this strain works like the gentle rhythm of the sea against the shore, washing away tension and worry.

Its high CBD content, along with the calming limonene and linalool terpenes, potentially lends a hand in soothing overactive minds, providing a safe harbor amidst the stormy seas of anxious thoughts.

Additionally, Island OG may be the answer for those struggling with chronic fatigue.

The strain’s initial, energetic high can be a powerful boost of vigor, acting like a refreshing sea breeze against the stifling heat of exhaustion.

Its uplifting effects can transform a languid afternoon into a productive treasure hunt, helping you stay focused and engaged.

Growing Info

Ah, cultivation – the heart of every successful cannabis voyage!

Island OG is a treasure that rewards growers with a bounty of aromatic, potent buds.

These medium to tall plants are a testament to the vibrant life force of the tropics, showing off their heritage through their vigorous growth.

The indoor yield ranges from 1.3 to 2 oz/ft².

If you’re a grower who prefers to sail the indoor seas, make sure to provide ample vertical space for these plants to flourish.

Their flowering time is around 8 to 10 weeks, during which they develop a dense canopy of vibrant green leaves.

Outdoors, under the open sky, these beauties can yield a staggering 22 to 28 oz/plant.

If you choose the outdoor route, remember that these strains are like sun-kissed islanders – they thrive in warm, sunny climates, reveling in the bright rays of the sun.

Island OG’s resilience and generous yield make it an appealing choice for growers.

Cultivating this strain is like navigating a well-charted course – with a bit of care and attention, you’re sure to arrive at a cannabis paradise.

Island OG Strain Review

Similar Strains to Island OG Cannabis

If you enjoyed the pleasure cruise that is Island OG, here are some strains that offer a similar journey, each with its unique twist:

  • Island Boi: If the relaxing high of Island OG feels like a sunset sail across tranquil seas, then Island Boi is akin to a moonlit cruise. This strain shares a similar calm-inducing effect, making it an excellent choice for evenings spent stargazing on the open deck.
  • Double OG: For the fans of the heavy indica side of Island OG, the Double OG offers a two-fold punch of relaxation and euphoria, akin to discovering a hidden beach on an uncharted island. This strain’s calming, sedative effects are like an inviting hammock strung up between two palm trees, luring you in for a long, peaceful slumber.
  • Island Castaway: The perfect companion for those quiet, introspective moments on the high seas. Just like Island OG, Island Castaway offers a taste of tropical paradise. Its uplifting effects bring a sense of joy, much like finding a message in a bottle that washes up on the shore.

Whether you’re looking for a similar voyage or seeking new horizons, these strains have got you covered.

Remember, just like any good sea voyage, the joy is in the journey, not just the destination!

StrainEffectsFlavorGenetic Information
Island BoiRelaxing, HappyTropical, CitrusUnknown
Double OGRelaxing, EuphoricEarthy, PineSFV OG x Big Bud Afgoo
Island CastawayUplifting, RelaxingTropical, SweetCastaway x Unknown

So, my fellow sea dogs, if you’re yearning for a strain that’s as adventurous as it is soothing, chart your course for Island OG.

It’s a cannabis voyage you won’t soon forget.

Anchor’s aweigh!