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Intergalactic Skunk Weed Strain Review

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Intergalactic Skunk Strain, the cosmic ticket to expand your mind and reach for the stars!

Brace yourself for an interstellar adventure aboard a celestial chariot, journeying through the Milky Way and beyond.

Elevate your mood, enhance your creativity, and find relief from earthly ailments with this stellar cannabis variety.

Space cadets, buckle up, for we’re about to blast off into the cosmos with Intergalactic Skunk strain!


Sativa Dominant Hybrid


70% Sativa / 30% Indica


ET Bananas x Pineapple Skunk


18% – 24%


0.5% – 2%

Side Effects:

Dry mouth and eyes, mild paranoia or anxiety


Dense and resinous, with a purple hue



Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1.3 – 1.5 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 28 – 32 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 63 – 77 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: October

User Reviews:

There are no user reviews yet.

Intergalactic Skunk Strain Genetics

First bred in the early 2000s by Sanctuary, Intergalactic Skunk is a cosmic love child of ET Bananas and Pineapple Skunk.

ET Bananas, known for its euphoric effects, imparts a mood-lifting, mind-expanding influence.

Pineapple Skunk, a robust strain with a delectable pineapple flavor, contributes a potent, almost tropical kick to this galactic hybrid.

Together, they create a celestial symphony, a cosmic concoction that’s out of this world!


Being a 70% Sativa / 30% Indica hybrid, Intergalactic Skunk has an uplifting high that’s as invigorating as a rocket launch.

As you take that first puff, you’ll feel a surge of euphoria, an exciting ignition before take-off.

This strain is known to ignite the creative spark, sharpen focus, and provide an energy boost that’s perfect for daytime use.

With THC levels ranging from 18 to 24%, it’s like the thrusters on your spaceship.

Not enough to shoot you into a different galaxy, but plenty to lift you off the ground and into the stratosphere.

Buckle up, folks, because you’re in for a smooth ride!

Aroma and Flavor

Much like catching the first whiff of a nebula (if we could), the aroma of Intergalactic Skunk is intriguingly complex.

Dank and earthy tones meet your nose first, followed by a spicy piney undertone that’s as fresh as a newly discovered planet.

When it comes to flavor, it’s like a cosmic cocktail.

The earthiness remains, but with a spicy, piney twist, like sipping a gin and tonic while stargazing.

It’s a flavor profile that will have you reaching for your bud faster than a starship on hyperdrive!


With its THC content of 18 to 24%, Intergalactic Skunk boasts a respectable potency.

But don’t forget about the CBD, which ranges from 0.5 to 2%.

This cannabinoid, known for its potential therapeutic benefits, is like the spaceship’s life support system, complementing the THC’s more psychoactive effects.


Much like a cosmic journey, the Intergalactic Skunk’s terpene profile is nothing short of stellar.

Dominated by LimoneneCaryophylleneMyrcene, and Pinene, it offers a tangy, spicy, and refreshing sensory experience.

These terpenes contribute not only to the strain’s unique aroma and flavor but also potentially offer therapeutic benefits.

Helps With

Intergalactic Skunk is more than just a mind-expanding, sensory delight.

Its therapeutic benefits have been celebrated by many who’ve embarked on this cosmic journey.

The strain’s mood-elevating and mind-calming properties make it a potential ally for those wrestling with anxiety.

Just as a spaceship leaves the heavy pull of Earth’s gravity, users have reported feeling lighter, with their anxieties melting away into the ether.

For those lost in the dark matter of depression, the euphoric and uplifting effects of Intergalactic Skunk can be akin to finding a glowing galaxy in the black void.

This strain’s natural ability to inspire positivity and improve mood might help users navigate their way back to happier thoughts and feelings.

The strain’s energizing effects may also prove useful in combating fatigue.

It provides a veritable warp drive energy boost, propelling users out of the sluggish black hole of exhaustion and into a realm of revitalized energy and focus.

If you’re feeling drained, this strain can be the rocket fuel you need to soar to new heights.

Growing Info

When it comes to growing Intergalactic Skunk, patience is key.

With a flowering time ranging from 9 to 11 weeks, these medium-tall plants require careful attention and nurture, much like the nurturing care you’d provide to any fragile life form discovered on an alien planet.

This plant is a great teacher in delayed gratification.

Just as the journey through the cosmos requires patience and careful navigation, so too does growing this strain.

Intergalactic Skunk is not particularly picky about its surroundings and can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Indoor growers will appreciate its adaptability, as it accommodates a variety of growth mediums and lighting setups.

However, don’t overlook the outdoor potential of this strain.

Given the right conditions and love, these plants can yield a generous bounty of 28 to 32 oz per plant outdoors.

When grown indoors, these plants produce an average of 1.3 to 1.5 oz/ft², providing a respectable harvest for your space station.

They have a good resistance to common molds and pests, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.

Stay vigilant and protect your crop from any potential intruders, much like you would safeguard your spaceship from alien attacks.

In terms of appearance, this strain’s nugs and buds are visually appealing, much like a far-off star cluster.

The trichomes sparkle like distant stars, and the deep green leaves are reminiscent of lush alien jungles yet to be discovered.

Intergalactic Skunk Strain Review

Similar Strains to Intergalactic Skunk Cannabis

Embarking on a cosmic voyage with Intergalactic Skunk will provide an unforgettable experience, but the universe of cannabis strains is vast and ripe for exploration.

Here are a few strains that share a similar cosmic lineage, offer parallel effects, or just bring a touch of the intergalactic.

  • Intergalactic is a sibling strain, boasting similar cosmic vibes but from Indica side. Like finding a twin star in a distant galaxy, you’ll love its euphoric and happiness-inducing effects. It’s an excellent alternative for those who want to stay within the same constellation.
  • Pineapple Skunk, one of the parent strains, offers a unique journey all of its own. Its flavor profile is packed with tropical, pineapple-infused notes, transporting you to a tropical alien beach somewhere in the cosmos. If you enjoy the journey of Intergalactic Skunk, you will likely appreciate its parental lineage.
  • Extraterrestrial Bananas is the other half of the Intergalactic Skunk’s genetics. Its relaxation and euphoria-inducing effects are similar to that of Intergalactic Skunk. The strain’s banana and sweet flavors will remind you of the diverse tastes present in the cannabis universe.
  • Zero Gravity aka Zero G will help you float in a state of bliss. With its relaxing and sleep-inducing effects, it’s like slipping into a comfortable space sleep after a long day of interstellar exploration.
  • Motorbreath, with its strong euphoric and relaxed effects, will take you on a ride that feels like zipping through the cosmos in a high-powered spaceship. Its diesel and pungent flavors add an interesting layer to your galactic adventure.
  • The Cube, offering relaxing and happy effects, is like exploring new dimensions of peace and joy. Its sweet and earthy flavor profile will keep your palate interested on your space journey.
  • Lemon Lime Punch, with its uplifting and euphoric effects, adds a citrusy punch to your cosmic journey. It’s like enjoying a tangy, thirst-quenching drink while cruising through the cosmos.

These strains each offer unique experiences but share a similar spirit of exploration and discovery that you’ll find in your Intergalactic Skunk journey.

StrainEffectsFlavorGenetic Information
IntergalacticCreative, Euphoric, GigglyButter, Dank, NuttyConstantine x The Cube
Pineapple SkunkEuphoric, HappyPineapple, SkunkPineapple x Skunk #1
Extraterrestrial BananasRelaxing, EuphoricBanana, SweetUnknown
Zero Gravity aka Zero GRelaxing, Sleep AidEarthy, DieselGrapefruit x Hash Plant
MotorbreathEuphoric, RelaxedDiesel, PungentChemdog x SFV OG Kush
The CubeRelaxing, HappySweet, EarthyStarfighter F2 x Starfighter F2
Lemon Lime PunchEuphoric, UpliftingCitrus, LemonLemon Skunk x Bubba Kush

So there you have it, folks! An interstellar journey through the cosmos, all packed into one potent bud – the Intergalactic Skunk strain.

It’s a voyage you won’t soon forget, whether you’re exploring the cannabis universe for the first time or you’re an experienced cosmic traveler.

So sit back, spark up, and let Intergalactic Skunk take you on a journey to the stars and back.

Safe travels!