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Honey Comb Crunch Weed Strain Review

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The Honey Comb Crunch strain: Get ready to plunge into the world of the beekeeper as we explore the tantalizing wonders of this extraordinary strain!

With a name that evokes images of a candy store, Honey Comb Crunch delivers something truly special.

As your guide on this un-bee-lievable journey, we’ll delve into the strain’s genetics, effects, and everything in between.

So put on your beekeeper’s hat and let’s start buzzing with excitement!


Indica Dominant Hybrid


65% Indica / 35% Sativa


London Pound Cake x Kush Mints


17% – 23%


0.1% – 0.5%

Helps With:

Side Effects:

Insomnia, Red eyes


Light green and yellow leaves, slightly fluffy, a little spongy, with a slight trichome frosting

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1.7 – 2.1 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 20 – 24 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Early October

User Reviews:

There are no user reviews yet.

Honey Comb Crunch Strain Genetics

In the green room of the cannabis world, two superstars, London Pound Cake and Kush Mints, had a baby, and they named it Honey Comb Crunch.

And the kid is a wonder!

Combining the dessert-like qualities of London Pound Cake with the refreshing coolness of Kush Mints, Honey Comb Crunch was bred in 2018 and quickly made a name for itself in the cannabis community.


If you were a bee, the effects of this strain would be like a long, satisfying sip of the sweetest nectar.

Being a 65% indica and 35% sativa hybrid, Honey Comb Crunch starts off with a euphoric cerebral rush that paints a big ol’ grin on your face.

But as the sativa’s influence fades, the indica side steps in, bringing a wave of relaxation that melts over you like honey in a hot tea.

What’s more, these relaxing effects make this strain a fabulous nighttime companion.

So when you need to clock out from the world and enjoy some quality ‘me’ time, Honey Comb Crunch is the way to go.

Aroma and Flavor

Imagine standing in a forest, surrounded by pine trees, their scent wafting through the air, mingled with the sweet smell of berries.

You take a bite of a warm, doughy pastry…

that’s Honey Comb Crunch for you.

It’s like a picnic in the woods, but without the ants.

The rich, sweet, and fruity flavor will leave your taste buds tingling in delight.


Beneath the sweet exterior, Honey Comb Crunch packs a good punch with its THC content ranging from 17 to 23%.

If THC were the Queen Bee, then this would be a royal hive.

However, it’s not all about the high.

The CBD content, which falls between 0.1% and 0.5%, offers a gentle buzz of therapeutic benefits.

So while you’re enjoying the euphoria, you’re also indulging in a spa day for your body and mind.


Say hello to the Fantastic Four of terpenes that contribute to Honey Comb Crunch’s irresistible profile: MyrceneLimoneneCaryophyllene, and Pinene.

These four horsemen of flavor, aside from making your taste buds do the happy dance, are believed to offer a range of potential health benefits.

So it’s not just about the taste; it’s a package deal.

Helps With

As your friendly cannabis expert, I can assure you that Honey Comb Crunch does more than just tickle your taste buds.

Picture this strain as a Swiss army knife of cannabis, armed with an array of potential therapeutic benefits.

While it may not replace your therapist or doctor (it still doesn’t know how to hold a clipboard properly), this strain has been reported to help manage a variety of conditions.

First, let’s talk about stress and anxiety.

In today’s fast-paced world, who isn’t familiar with these unwelcome guests?

With its calming and euphoric effects, Honey Comb Crunch is like a mini vacation in a puff.

It has the potential to sweep you off your feet and carry you to a serene, stress-free zone, leaving your worries behind.

Next up is pain.

Whether it’s a nagging headache, muscle discomfort, or chronic pain, Honey Comb Crunch’s analgesic properties could help take the edge off.

It’s like having a natural, sweet-tasting painkiller on hand.

One might say it’s the cannabis equivalent of a warm, soothing bath at the end of a long day.

Lastly, for those struggling with insomnia, Honey Comb Crunch could be your nighttime fairy.

The sedative properties derived from its indica genetics might just be the lullaby you need to drift into a peaceful slumber.

Counting sheep could be a thing of the past when you have Honey Comb Crunch in your corner.

Growing Info

Now, let’s talk about gardening!

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be the Martha Stewart of cannabis growing to cultivate Honey Comb Crunch.

This strain is relatively easy to grow, making it a favorite among both novice and experienced growers alike.

Honey Comb Crunch plants are medium-sized, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

You don’t have to worry about it turning into a Jack’s beanstalk and poking through your ceiling or shadowing your entire backyard.

It’s a polite guest that knows its boundaries.

When grown indoors, Honey Comb Crunch offers a yield ranging from 1.7 to 2.1 oz/ft².

It’s like your personal cannabis factory working overtime for you.

When it comes to outdoor cultivation, this strain goes full Hulk mode, providing a whopping 20 to 24 oz/plant.

Its flowering time ranges from 8 to 9 weeks, offering a faster turnaround time than your average pizza delivery.

In terms of climate, Honey Comb Crunch isn’t too fussy.

Whether you live in a sunny state or somewhere with cool fall-like weather, this strain can adapt pretty well.

However, remember to give it the care it deserves.

A well-watered and well-fed plant will always reward you with higher quality buds.

Honey Comb Crunch Strain Review

Similar Strains to Honey Comb Crunch Cannabis

If you enjoyed your adventure with Honey Comb Crunch and are eager to explore more, I have some fantastic recommendations for you.

Each strain shares some similarities with Honey Comb Crunch, be it in terms of effects, flavor, or genetic lineage.

So let’s dive in!

  • Honeycomb Pavé could be your next stop. This hybrid strain, a cross between Honeycomb and Gelato, carries a THC content of 25-28%. It’s known for its sweet and fruity flavor, and the relaxing and euphoric effects can help relieve stress and anxiety. It’s like a European tour for your senses.
  • Next on the list is Cookies, a hybrid strain resulting from Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison’s love affair. With a THC content of 20-25% and a sweet, earthy flavor, Cookies is a stimulating and energizing strain that can help improve focus and creativity. It’s like your favorite comfort food got an energizing upgrade.
  • Euphoria might be your strain if you’re looking for an extra dose of happiness. A cross between OG Kush and Chocolate Thai, this strain holds a THC content of 20-25% and a euphoric flavor that’s truly uplifting. It’s an excellent choice for social gatherings or just spreading positivity around.
  • Honey Bun, a sweet cross between Honey Cream and Banana OG, carries a THC content of 20-25% and a flavor that’s a delightful mix of sweet and fruity notes. Its relaxing and calming effects can help relieve stress and anxiety. It’s like Honey Comb Crunch’s comforting cousin.
  • If you’re after something potent, try The Soap. This strain, a powerful cross between Stardawg and Alien Cookies, carries a THC content of 25-30% and a strong, pungent flavor. It’s a heavy-hitter and is best enjoyed by experienced users seeking a powerful high.
  • Lastly, Runtz is a versatile hybrid that could fit any occasion. A cross between Gelato and Zkittlez, it carries a THC content of 20-25% and a sweet, fruity flavor. It’s great for social gatherings or for relaxing at home. It’s like Honey Comb Crunch, but it goes with everything!
StrainEffectsFlavorGenetic Information
Honeycomb PavéRelaxing, EuphoricSweet, FruityHoneycomb x Gelato
CookiesStimulating, EnergizingSweet, EarthyGirl Scout Cookies x Durban Poison
EuphoriaUplifting, HappyEuphoric, SweetOG Kush x Chocolate Thai
Honey BunRelaxing, CalmingSweet, FruityHoney Cream x Banana OG
The SoapPotent, HeavyStrong, PungentStardawg x Alien Cookies
RuntzEuphoric, Happy, RelaxingSweet, Fruity, CitrusGelato x Zkittlez

So whether you’re a connoisseur, a medicinal user, or a grower, Honey Comb Crunch is a sweet ride you don’t want to miss.

Hop on the Honey Comb Crunch express, and let the good times roll!