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Grapefruit Fluffsnakes Weed Strain Review

Aka: GFC, Grapefruit Cupcakes

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Prepare to be captivated by the Grapefruit Fluffsnakes Strain!

Close your eyes and let your imagination take flight as we explore a strain that blends the creaminess of ice cream, the tang of grapefruit, and the sweet aroma of Durban spices.

It may sound like a fantasy, but hold onto your hats, because the Grapefruit Fluffsnakes strain, also known as GFC or Grapefruit Cupcakes, is here to make that fantasy a reality.

Get ready for a sensory party like no other!


Indica Dominant Hybrid


60% Indica / 40% Sativa


16% – 21%


0.1% – 0.5%

Helps With:

Side Effects:

Thirst and dry mouth, low blood pressure


Dense, frosty buds with a decent amount of bright green popcorn buds



Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1.4 – 1.7 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 16 – 22 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: End of September

User Reviews:

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Grapefruit Fluffsnakes Strain Genetics

Born from the union of Ice Cream Cake and Grapefruit Durban, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes (aka GFC or Grapefruit Cupcakes) is like that talented child who outshines both parents.

It’s as if Ice Cream Cake and Grapefruit Durban sent their best traits to a finishing school, and Grapefruit Fluffsnakes came back, graduated summa cum laude!


As a 60% indica and 40% sativa hybrid, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes dances a delicate waltz between relaxation and euphoria.

It begins by gently lifting your spirits, sending waves of joy and contentment through your mind, much like that feeling you get when you realize it’s a Friday evening.

Following this uplifting mental buzz, it proceeds to spread a blanket of calm over your body.

However, this isn’t your usual sluggish, glued-to-the-couch calm.

This strain gives you the best of both worlds – the mellow, soothing influence of indica, coupled with the invigorating, cerebral stimulation of sativa.

It’s the ideal companion for an evening of relaxation and gentle recreation.

Aroma and Flavor

Grapefruit Fluffsnakes isn’t just about mind and body; it’s a feast for your senses too.

Its aroma is an enticing symphony of grapefruit, citrus, pine, and a hint of spice.

As for the flavor, brace yourself for a citrusy blast with each toke.

A combination of sweet grapefruit, tangy citrus, earthy pine, and a spicy kick to finish – it’s like a gourmet meal in a puff.


Beneath its sweet exterior, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes packs a substantial punch with a THC content ranging from 16% to 21%.

It’s that well-mannered friend who suddenly reveals a wicked sense of humor.

The CBD content, on the other hand, varies from 0.1% to 0.5%, making this strain a psychoactive powerhouse with some potential therapeutic benefits.


Meet the masterminds behind Grapefruit Fluffsnakes’ unforgettable aroma and flavor: MyrceneLimonene, and Caryophyllene.

These terpenes not only create a beautiful aromatic bouquet but are also believed to offer potential therapeutic benefits.

Talk about beauty with substance!

Helps With

Grapefruit Fluffsnakes is more than a leisurely stroll through a sensory garden; it’s your friendly neighborhood superhero in disguise.

It swoops in to provide potential relief from several conditions.

One of the prime adversaries it battles is stress.

Life in our modern, always-on-the-go world can often feel like being strapped to a rollercoaster – only, the rollercoaster is on fire, and you’re juggling flaming torches.

When the ride gets too intense, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes, with its soothing indica effects, offers a calming refuge, possibly helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Next up is pain.

If you’re dealing with nagging aches or more severe forms of pain, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes might be the ally you need.

Its potentially analgesic properties may provide relief, easing your discomfort and allowing you to navigate your day with a bit more ease.

Lastly, for those night owls desperately seeking to become early birds, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes might be able to help.

Insomnia stands no chance against the strain’s sedative properties.

You could experience an overall calming effect, gently guiding you to the land of dreams, helping you catch those elusive Z’s.

Growing Info

As a seasoned grower and a self-proclaimed cannabis whisperer, let me shed some light on cultivating Grapefruit Fluffsnakes.

This strain is a medium-sized plant, a picture-perfect centerpiece for your garden or grow room.

Its emerald leaves and dense, purple buds are a sight to behold, sure to be the talk of your next growers’ meet-up.

This strain typically requires a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, allowing the buds to mature and develop their rich bouquet of terpenes.

Whether you prefer to grow your greens indoors or outdoors, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes is accommodating.

It produces a gratifying yield – from 1.4 to 1.7 oz/ft² indoors and a generous 16 to 22 oz/plant outdoors.

Just like a trusty old kush, this strain is bound to reward your efforts and patience with a plentiful harvest.

Grapefruit Fluffsnakes Strain Review

Similar Strains to Grapefruit Fluffsnakes Cannabis

Just like a great movie has its sequels, Grapefruit Fluffsnakes has similar strains that continue its legacy of a spectacular citrus-infused high.

If you found this strain enchanting, here are some other candidates that might pique your interest:

  • Grapefruit Tangie – This sativa-dominant hybrid is like a burst of citrusy sunshine in your mouth. Its THC content ranges between 16-21%, making it a solid choice for those seeking an energizing and uplifting high. Its aroma is a citrusy explosion, with strong notes of grapefruit, orange, and lemon. So, if you’re a fan of GFC’s citrusy goodness, Grapefruit Tangie might just be your next favorite strain.
  • Grapefruit Skunk – Yet another sativa-dominant hybrid, Grapefruit Skunk is the love child of Grapefruit and Skunk strains. Its THC content hovers between 15-20%, making it an ideal candidate for creative undertakings. Its flavor profile is a blend of citrusy grapefruit, orange, and a hint of skunky goodness that adds a nice twist.
  • Grapefruit Mimosa – Mimosa meets Grapefruit in this energizing hybrid, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Grapefruit Mimosa boasts a THC content of 18-22% and is known for its uplifting effects. Its unique flavor profile carries the classic grapefruit and orange notes, rounded off with the tantalizingly sweet aroma of mimosa flowers.
  • Grapefruit Zlushiez – A cross between Tangie and Grapefruit strains, Grapefruit Zlushiez is all about that energy boost. Its THC content is a substantial 18-25%, which should keep you going for hours. With strong citrusy notes of grapefruit and orange, mixed with the refreshing aroma of slushie, this strain is like a cool summer treat on a hot day!

Remember, while these strains are similar to Grapefruit Fluffsnakes, each one has its own unique magic.

StrainEffectsFlavorGenetic Information
Grapefruit TangieCreative, Energizing, EuphoricFruity, Grapefruit, PungentTangie x Grapefruit
Grapefruit SkunkEnergizing, CreativeGrapefruit, Spicy, SkunkyGrapefruit x Skunk
Grapefruit MimosaEnergizing, UpliftingTropical, Fruity, CitrusMimosa x Grapefruit
Grapefruit ZlushiezEnergizing, UpliftingSour, Citrus, LemonTangie x Grapefruit

So there you have it, folks. Grapefruit Fluffsnakes: the strain that’s here to tickle your senses, lift your spirits, and guide you gently to dreamland.

It’s not just a strain, it’s an experience.

So light up, kick back, and let GFC take you on a journey you’ll never forget.