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Blue Zkittlez Weed Strain Review

Aka: Blue Skittles, Blue Zkittles

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Blue Zkittlez strain, also known as Blue Skittles, is a captivating cannabis that’s gaining popularity for its unique characteristics and enticing effects.

It stands out in the cannabis world for its perfect blend of Indica and Sativa genetics, offering a harmonious balance that appeals to both recreational and medicinal users.

Blue Zkittlez strain is a must-try for anyone looking to explore the depths of cannabis flavors and effects.


Indica Dominant Hybrid


70% Indica / 30% Sativa


Blue Diamond x Zkittlez


20% – 26%


0.1% – 1%

Helps With:

Side Effects:

Dizzy, Dry mouth, Anxious


Small-to-medium sized, dense, olive green or mint green buds with a thick coating of trichomes and orange pistils


Dying Breed Seeds

Growing Info:

  • Indoor Yield: 1 – 1.5 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 15 – 19 oz/plant
  • Flowering Time: 50 – 65 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Mid October

User Reviews:

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Blue Zkittlez Strain Genetics

Blue Zkittlez is a masterpiece of cannabis genetics, born from the union of Blue Diamond and Zkittlez.

This 70% Indica and 30% Sativa hybrid carries the best traits from its illustrious parents.

The Blue Diamond lineage imparts a deep, relaxing effect, while the Zkittlez side brings a fruity, tangy flavor profile.

This genetic combination has created a strain that’s not just a delight to the senses but also a powerful contender in the cannabis market.


The experience of Blue Zkittlez is akin to a gentle wave of relaxation washing over the body and mind.

Users often report feelings of happiness and sedation, making it a fantastic choice for unwinding after a long day.

The high builds subtly, sneaking up with a tingly sensation that can leave one feeling light-headed and wonderfully relaxed.

Perfect for afternoon use, it provides a calming body buzz without the risk of extreme sedation or couch-lock.

Aroma and Flavor

Dive into a sensory journey with Blue Zkittlez’s rich aroma and flavor profile.

The first whiff reveals a sweet, earthy scent with hints of citrus and berries, reminiscent of walking through a wildflower meadow.

Upon inhalation, the taste buds are greeted with a delightful mix of sweet and tart flavors, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that lingers, making each hit a memorable experience.


Blue Zkittlez boasts a THC content ranging from 20 to 26%, positioning it as a potent strain suitable for experienced users.

The CBD content, although minimal, adds a nuanced layer to its effects, enhancing its therapeutic potential.

This cannabinoid combination offers a powerful, yet balanced experience, catering to both the recreational thrill and the medical benefits.


The terpene profile of Blue Zkittlez is a symphony of aromas and flavors.

Dominant terpenes like Beta Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Alpha Pinene, and Limonene play a crucial role in shaping its unique characteristics.

These terpenes contribute not just to the strain’s delightful aroma but also to its therapeutic properties, adding depth to the overall experience.

Helps With

The Blue Zkittlez strain has garnered attention for its remarkable ability to aid in managing various ailments.

Its pain-relieving properties make it a favorite among those suffering from chronic aches.

The strain’s potent THC content plays a pivotal role in its analgesic effects, offering significant relief.

Additionally, its calming influence is particularly effective against anxiety and stress.

Users often report a sense of mental clarity and relaxation, making it a suitable choice for those grappling with the pressures of daily life.

Blue Zkittlez also shines in its ability to improve sleep quality.

The sedative effects induced by its Indica dominance help in combatting insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

This strain’s versatile nature makes it an excellent choice for medical cannabis patients looking to manage symptoms without the heavy sedation often associated with high-THC strains.

Growing Info

Growing Blue Zkittlez can be a gratifying journey for cannabis cultivators.

This strain, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, offers flexibility to growers.

When grown indoors, it requires attention to detail, particularly in pruning the thick branches to promote better air circulation and light penetration.

This practice is crucial for optimal growth and yield.

Outdoor growers will appreciate plant adaptability to a warm and dry climate, making it a robust choice for various environments.

However, growers should note its moderate grow difficulty level, requiring a bit more attention compared to some other strains.

The strain’s powerful scent may necessitate odor-control measures, especially in indoor setups.

For those looking to maximize yield, the flowering time and plant size should be carefully monitored.

With proper care, Blue Zkittlez rewards growers with a generous yield of resinous, trichome-rich buds.

Blue Zkittlez Strain Review

Similar Strains to Blue Zkittlez Cannabis

Blue Zkittlez is a unique strain, but there are several others that share similarities in effects, flavors, or genetics.

Here’s a look at similar strains:

  • Purple Zkittlez (Purple Punch x Zkittlez): This strain combines the deep relaxation of Purple Punch with the sweet, fruity profile of Zkittlez. Its effects are similar to Blue Zkittlez, offering a balanced high that soothes the body without overpowering the mind.
  • Rainbow Zkittlez (Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp): For those who enjoy the uplifting effects of Blue Zkittlez, Rainbow Zkittlez offers an energetic and creative high. Its lineage brings together the classic Zkittlez flavor with a refreshing OG touch.
  • White Skittles (Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown strain): White Skittles shares the fruity, citrus notes of Blue Zkittlez, with a unique twist from its Grape Ape and Grapefruit genetics. It’s perfect for users who enjoy a calming, yet flavorful experience.
  • Zkittlez Cake (Zkittlez x Wedding Cake): If you’re a fan of the sweet and creamy profile of Blue Zkittlez, Zkittlez Cake is a must-try. Its Wedding Cake parentage adds a delightful creamy sweetness, complementing the Zkittlez lineage.
  • Sour Zkittlez (Sour Diesel x Zkittlez): Sour Zkittlez offers a more energizing alternative, perfect for those who enjoy the cerebral buzz of Blue Zkittlez. The Sour Diesel genetics introduce a pungent, diesel-like aroma, adding complexity to the Zkittlez sweetness.

These strains echo the qualities of Blue Zkittlez in their own unique ways, offering cannabis enthusiasts a variety of experiences within the same genetic family.

StrainEffectsFlavor ProfileParent Strains
Purple ZkittlezRelaxing, EuphoricBerry, GrapePurple Punch x Zkittlez
Rainbow ZkittlezUplifting, CreativeSweet, EarthyZkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp
White SkittlesCalming, BalancedGrape, CitrusGrape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown
Zkittlez CakeRelaxing, HappySweet, CreamyZkittlez x Wedding Cake
Sour ZkittlezEnergetic, UpliftingSour, DieselSour Diesel x Zkittlez


In conclusion, Blue Zkittlez stands out as a remarkable cannabis strain, offering a harmonious blend of relaxation, euphoria, and a delectable flavor profile.

Its balanced effects, rich aromas, and therapeutic benefits make it a top choice for both recreational and medicinal users.

Whether cultivated at home or sought after in dispensaries, Blue Zkittlez’s unique genetic makeup and sensory experience solidify its position as a favorite in the cannabis community.


Blue Zkittlez is an Indica Dominant Hybrid strain.

Blue Zkittlez boasts a THC content ranging from 20 to 26%, positioning it as a potent strain suitable for experienced users.

Yes, Blue Zkittlez can make you feel sleepy. Users often report feelings of happiness and sedation, making it a fantastic choice for unwinding after a long day, and it provides a calming body buzz without the risk of extreme sedation or couch-lock.