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Today, the topic of cannabis is highly controversial. For the less conscious part of the society, it is simply a drug, but for many cancer or multiple sclerosis patients it is the only drug that relieves the acute pain and troublesome symptoms associated with therapies combating these serious diseases. Therefore, the legalization of marijuana has both supporters and opponents in Poland. According to the law in force, it is legal to have cannabis seeds, as they do not contain narcotic substances themselves. These seeds can be purchased mainly on the Internet, but each e-shop indicates that it is not responsible for the use of seeds against the law.

What exactly is hemp and is there really anything to fear? Marijuana is achieved in inflorescences. The most popular variety of cannabis is the one-year-old, blooming at the end of September - Indian, however, you can also find a seed variety in stores - definitely different from the Indian species in terms of appearance and properties. The European climate forces marijuana growers to create special rooms, greenhouses, because this plant needs warmth and adequate lighting. It would seem that the Polish weather conditions make it impossible to breed commonly known as "outdoor" - that is, outside. Nothing could be more wrong. However, in order for the seeds to catch on in the prevailing conditions, it is worth paying attention to their type, which is the main key to success. The selection of genetically appropriate seeds is essential to for the plant to finish flowering early, usually before the end of the calendar summer. In addition, these types of grains guarantee resistance to diseases, mold and pests, reduce the need for nutrients, regulate the shape of plants and the appearance of leaves. An important element of cannabis breeding is the flowering time of late August or early September.

When we talk about the strains you should choose we know that almost any strains can be grown outdoors. Professional growers would still make a selection and choose the marijuana strain that best suits the climate where they will grow the plants. On the Dutch Seeds Shop website you can choose outdoor marijuana seeds very easily, they have classified their seeds nicely and for each page you can see what kind of climate it requires.

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Hemp is a sensitive plant, so the impetus for flowering is to vary the length of the day and night phases. However, the flowering start time largely depends on the type of seed, in which case it will be described by the seed producer - usually it takes no more than two months. The size of the harvest depends on the aforementioned selection of suitable seeds. In European conditions it is important to choose early plants, otherwise plants that have not yet bloomed in the tenth month of the year will develop very slowly thereby negatively affecting the yield. The intended use of individual seeds is always determined by the producer, so despite the dubious legality of hemp, it is worth purchasing from certified sellers. Basically, there are three types of seeds according to their intended use.

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Indoor is the most popular variety. As the name suggests, it is intended for growing under lamps, not suitable for outdoor cultivation. This type of species is a slow moving species. Growing outside is not possible because the plants would not have had enough time to bloom. The indoor species is also not resistant to frost, mold and rainfall. It is quite risky to choose indoor / greenhouse seeds, because this type of cannabis also requires appropriate exposure to temperature, and is sensitive to the harmful effects of the atmosphere. While the intention of our breeding will be based on greenhouses, the selection of seeds from an undefined source gives a greater probability of success. If the breeding is to take place outdoors, it is worth choosing seeds from a certain producer who will specify a specific type of plant. The planting time, which falls on the beginning of July, is just as important as the seed species. The date is very important, so since it is known that the plant needs a minimum of sixty days to bloom, it is not worth waiting until mid-summer to sow seeds, and plants planted earlier will have more time to grow before flowering.


Staying on the topic, it is worth mentioning a type of cannabis commonly known as an automaton. This species is characterized by automatic flowering. The motivating impulse is the shortening of the day at the end of August. Such flowering in appropriate lasts no more than one month, not less than two weeks. The adult cannabis has gone through many phases, flowering is the final one. When discussing the development of this plant, it is impossible to avoid germination. The optimal option is to germinate the seed, after which it is put into the ground. Seed germination is simply stimulated. No one needs to be presented with the method of sprouting the well-known watercress. The germination of hemp seeds is analogous. All you need is a little light, room temperature and moist gauze to enjoy fine sprouts after a maximum of two days.

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The direction of the sprout does not matter much, it will automatically curve downwards. At this stage, it is worth covering the pot with aluminum foil to provide the plant with adequate humidity necessary for proper development. The first green signs appear after a few days. When the cannabis grows stronger, it should be transplanted into appropriate containers in which it will bloom later. It is worth remembering that hemp takes root very deeply, so it is important that the pot or container is not so wide as wide, but long. At the bottom of the containers, holes can be made to allow excess water to drain away and allow air to enter. The right soil is equally important. Unfortunately, traditional soil is too heavy. To grow marijuana, use garden soil mixed with perlite. After overdoing it, it is worth considering where to locate young seedlings, intuition is very important here. If the conditions are not favorable, young seedlings may be destroyed. On the other hand, if the conditions are too good, the plants climb upwards and are therefore more exposed to the wind. Therefore, we place the seedlings outside as soon as possible, so that they can get used to the gusts of wind. The permanent location of the plant should meet several important criteria. First, it must be exposed to sunlight for at least a few hours a day. Secondly, the plant must be planted in light, fertile and moist soil. It is worth planting cannabis in a place inaccessible to animals and people to neutralize the risk of damage to it. As with any plant growing, watering is an important factor. Here, it's not the frequency but the quantity that counts. Even though hemp is a demanding plant.

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