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Can smoking marijuana cause lung cancer?
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Can smoking marijuana cause lung cancer?

Most of the people who are asked this question have no doubts that such a relationship exists. Meanwhile, the latest scientific research shows that marijuana does not reduce the risk of the appearance of such lungs even in its frequent users. Their results surprised even a research group from San Diego, USA, which conducted the experiment, it is hardly surprising that scientists had the right to expect slightly different results. Until recently, it was believed that cannabis could affect the risk of lung cancer at least as strongly as tobacco.

It cannot be denied that, compared to tobacco, marijuana contains up to fifty percent more of the chemicals that are associated with cancer. Moreover, smokers themselves not only inhale deeper, but also retain smoke in their lungs up to four times longer than smokers, so it can be assumed that such habits will not benefit their overall health. However, this does not mean that the results of the experiment are in no way explainable. To do this, remember how THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, works. THC stimulates the spontaneous death of cells, and this also applies to tumor cells. Of course, this doesn't mean that marijuana is safe for your health.