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Basic questions about hemp oil and related issues
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Basic questions about hemp oil and related issues

Does body weight influence dosing?

Basically yes, because larger gains in body weight may require a larger dose to achieve the same concentration of THC, the active ingredient in the oil. In other words, larger people are much more tolerant and smaller people are more likely to overdose. In the early stages of treatment, patients often report feeling "strange". There is even dizziness and nausea, which is the result of combining treatment with chemotherapy. A characteristic side effect is the feeling of lethargy immediately after consuming the oil, which disappears up to a month after taking the first dose. The way to deal with this fact is to take the oil in the evening, before going to bed. You should not be afraid of overdosing. THC is a natural substance from which no one has ever died.

The 'strange' feeling after an overdose can sometimes make the patient scare, but nothing bad happens. Some people even like it. The way to get rid of this feeling is to oxygenate yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Something sweet also speeds up recovery. One should only remember about the limitations caused by the disease. Effects on Breastfeeding There is no serious research on this. The attending physician should be consulted each time. Driving It must be approved by the attending physician, although there are no general contraindications. Storage Cool and dark places, out of the reach of children. What is the composition of the oil? 95% of the oil contains THC. The remaining 5% are other cannabinoids, mainly CBD, CGB and CBC. Usually, there are also small admixtures of other substances of plant origin, the positive effects of which have been scientifically proven. A small addition may be terpenoids, i.e. special fragrances, as well as extracts that were used to prepare the drug.

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